Bolt-Action Pen with Rifle Case, Antler (44-P)

Bolt-Action Pen with Rifle Case, Antler (44-P)

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Working with antler is extraordinarily difficult because of the varying densities and non-symmetric shapes. Each antler pen is the product of hours of carving, sanding, and filling to ultimately product a polished, cylindrical pen body that is as comfortable to hold as it is stunning to view.

Includes FREE bolt-action case 

Model: 30 Caliber Bolt-Action 

Pen Type: Ballpoint

Ink Color: Black

Wood: Antler

Fixtures: Chrome, Copper 

Refillable? Yes

Finish: Gloss – The crystal-clear gloss finish holds several distinct advantages over the satin finish. It is much more durable, and will never need refinishing. It provides a clearer, better lens for light-colored woods and layered woods of contrasting colors. For intricate designs with inlay or small pieces, the gloss coating acts as a barrier to prevent small parts from separating. The “smooth” option guarantees an ultra smooth finish, achieved by a two-stage finishing process with cyanoacrylate, sanded to 12,000 grit, then waxed and polished. 

Engraving Options

I do not recommend engraving this pen