Bethlehem Olive Wood

Bethlehem Olive Wood Pens for Sale
Imported directly from Bethlehem, our olive wood is as stunning as it is symbolic. Bethlehem Olive Wood trees can grow thousands of years old, making it imperative that this wood is sourced from reputable, sustainable dealers who do not uproot or kill trees. Most of our wood comes from a 2003 stockpile following routine a pruning of an old grove in Bethlehem. 
Bethlehem Olive Wood Pen Blanks
While many people are drawn to the Holy Wood because of its place of origin, wood fanatics love Bethlehem Olive Wood for its smooth texture, hard finish and striking striations. It is truly a pleasure to carve, as the shavings melt away under the steel tip of a gouge. 
Bethlehem Olive Wood Rollerball Pen
We currently offer this amazing wood in several models: