Willow Wood - Our Story

Willow Wood - The Traditional Gift for a Nine-Year Anniversary

At Elder Pens, we've spent years perfecting the art of carving willow wood. 

Elder Pens willow wood

Unlike virtually all other woods used for woodturning, willow is not a pure hardwood; it is soft, "punky", fibrous, and lightweight. This quality presents immense challenges for woodworking, but over the years we've developed specialized techniques to work with this unique wood. 

Beyond its lightweight characteristics, willow wood generally had a bad reputation for being bland, boring, and uninteresting. To us, this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, we've made it our mission to discover the best, most interesting, and most unique willow wood available; and to turn this wood into truly extraordinary and non-replicable pens and razors. 

Elder Pens Willow Wood

Through our relentless pursuit of finding and transforming the best willow wood, we've scoured riverbanks, sifted through firewood piles, and searched for fallen trees and dead branches. We mill through hundreds - if not thousands - of logs each year, searching for the rich tones, strong grains, and burly figure of exceptional willow. 

There's a reason we are the number-one online seller of willow pens and razors; nobody else shares our passion, our pursuit, and our dedication. We are willow wood specialists! 

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