Comfort Rollerball Pen, Bolivian Rosewood with Black Palm (114)

Comfort Rollerball Pen, Bolivian Rosewood with Black Palm (114)

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The cap of this handsome wood rollerball pen was handcrafted from black palm wood, finished with a minimal coating of satin sealer to preserve the natural feel of the wood. The writing body is a smooth, angled cut of Bolivian rosewood, cut to highlight the grain striations and provide a smooth, comfortable writing experience.

Model: Comfort Line

Pen Type: Rollerball

Ink Color: Black 

Wood: Black Palm, Bolivian Rosewood

Fixtures: Chrome

Refillable? Yes

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Finish: Satin – The low gloss, satin option is perfect for anyone who wants a truly authentic looking and feeling wooden pen. Any natural imperfections in the wood are removed through sanding and filling, resulting in a smooth and comfortable grip, while preserving the integrity and aesthetic of minimally treated wood. These pens are sealed using a durable friction polish, rated to withstand three to five years of normal use before refinishing.

Engraving Options

 I do not recommend engraving this pen due to the dark color.