Green malachite style pen

Comfort Rollerball Pen, "Malachite" Polished Stone (272)

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Made from real pulverized stone ore, our polished stone writing instruments are the epitome of luxury. Heavy, balanced, and smooth, this pen is certain to captivate all who lay eyes upon it. Made to resemble the gemstone, the malachite design has amazing swirled striations and a vivid contrast between the light and dark layers of stone. 

Model: Comfort Series

Pen Type: Rollerball 

Ink Color: Black Schmidt 5888

Wood: Polished Stone, Wild Horse Jasper Pattern

Fixtures: Antique Brass

Box: Includes custom Elder Pens box, as shown

Refillable? Yes

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 We typically reserve our Polished Stone products for the "Collector Series", but we are proud to offer a small number of items here in the "Comfort Series", giving you a great opportunity to purchase this unique writing instrument at a fraction of the cost.