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Folding Pen Display Box, Willow and Walnut

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Designed by my grandfather, these boxes are the perfect complement to any pen from this shop. Made entirely from local recycled woods that I've personally harvested from fallen trees! The dark wood on the sides is local walnut, and the lighter wood in the center is local willow, the wood of unity, and the traditional gift for wedding anniversaries. 

These are the pen boxes I use personally for my office and shop.

Will fit the following models:

  • All Ballpoint Pens
  • All Writer's Pens (include Premium Writer's Pens)
  • Comfort Series Rollerballs and Fountain Pens

Will NOT fit the following models:

  • Bolt-Action Pens
  • Teacher Pens
  • Executive Series
  • Collector Series

For the perfect gift, pair this box with a brand-new pen, and don't forget to buy your refills as well!