Blistered Blackwood Rollerball Pen

Collector Rollerball Pen, Blistered Tasmanian Blackwood (547)

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The rollerball pen in the photos is the pen you will receive.

Ethically, sustainably, and legally harvested from old tree stumps by a licensed salvager, this Tasmanian Blackwood is breathtakingly beautiful. Purchased directly from Jason - a licensed salvager who is permitted to hand-cut from stumps and fallen trees - this Tasmanian Blackwood was a part of my private collection, due to it's tight curly grain. 

This pen was made from the highest-grade "Blistered" blackwood

Model: Collector Series Rollerball

Pen Type: Rollerball

Ink Color: Black

Wood: Blistered Tasmanian Blackwood

Fixtures: Rhodium, Titanium

Refillable? Yes

Finish: Gloss – The crystal-clear gloss finish holds several distinct advantages over the satin finish. It is much more durable, and will never need refinishing. It provides a clearer, better lens for light-colored woods and layered woods of contrasting colors. For intricate designs with inlay or small pieces, the gloss coating acts as a barrier to prevent small parts from separating. The “smooth” option guarantees an ultra smooth finish, achieved by a two-stage finishing process with cyanoacrylate, sanded to 12,000 grit, then waxed and polished.

Engraving Options

I’m proud to offer custom laser engraving as an option for every pen in the shop. Engraving costs an addition $5 per item, and may delay shipping by a single day.

Laser engraving involves burning an image or text into the wood body of the pen. This process produces a black engraving. Naturally, a black engraving appears differently on light versus dark colored woods. As a general rule, lighter woods produce more brilliant and contrasting engravings than darker ones. Red, orange, yellow, white and light brown woods all engrave very clearly. Purple, dark brown, and black woods tend not to produce clear engravings, therefore I usually discourage the purchase of engraving for such woods. 

Text Engraving

Available on all pens

Logo Engraving

Please contact me directly at for image/logo engravings