Premium Ballpoint Click Pen, Alumilite (510)

Premium Ballpoint Click Pen, Alumilite (510)

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Multiple colors of mica powder, swirled and cast in an alumilite resin. These pens are perfectly carved and fit to our newest line of titanium and chrome ballpoint click pens. 

Model: Premium Click Pen

Pen Type: Ballpoint 

Ink Color: Black 

Wood: Swirled Alumilite Resin

Fixtures: Chrome, Titanium 

Refillable? Yes

Finish: Gloss – The crystal-clear gloss finish holds several distinct advantages over the satin finish. It is much more durable, and will never need refinishing. It provides a clearer, better lens for light-colored woods and layered woods of contrasting colors. For intricate designs with inlay or small pieces, the gloss coating acts as a barrier to prevent small parts from separating. The “smooth” option guarantees an ultra smooth finish, achieved by a two-stage finishing process with cyanoacrylate, sanded to 12,000 grit, then waxed and polished.

Engraving Options

I do not recommend engraving this pen.