Lithuanian Bog Wood Pen

Premium Rustic Wooden Writer's Pen, Ancient Bog Wood (329)

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Imported from the peat bogs of Lithuania, this wood is estimated to be 5,000 years old! Though this oak began a honey-brown color, thousands of years of maturation transformed it to solid black, adding density and strength in the process. This is an incredibly rare piece of history, and only 10 pens were made in this initial set. 

Model: Premium Writer's Pen

Pen Type: Ballpoint (Gel upon request)

Ink Color: Black (Blue upon request)

Wood: Lithuanian Bog Oak

Fixtures: Pewter

Refillable? Yes

Finish: Satin The low gloss, satin option is perfect for anyone who wants a truly authentic looking and feeling wooden pen. With the “smooth” option, any imperfections in the wood (peaks, valleys, sharp grain lines) will be cut down (through sanding from 150grit up to 12,000grit) and/or filled up (using glues and wood fillers). This process results in a very smooth and comfortable grip, while still preserving the integrity and aesthetic of minimally treated wood. Finished using Mylands Friction Polish, rated to withstand three to five years of normal use before refinishing.

Engraving Options

I do not recommend engraving this pen