Slim Two-Tone Cocobolo Twist Pen, Silver

Slim Two-Tone Cocobolo Twist Pen, Silver

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There's nothing quite like a cocobolo pen! It feels smoother than any other wood I've ever encountered, and gradually changes color over time. Pens from this batch will develop their final color over about 1 year, with the browns, grays and purples transforming to rich red and orange. It's truly a one-of-a-kind wood! Only three of these pens were made, and all look similar. All will have a great combination of dark heartwood and light sapwood.

Model: Slim Twist Pen

Pen Type: Ballpoint

Ink Color: Black

Wood: Cocobolo Rosewood

Fixtures: Chrome

Refillable? Yes

Finish: Satin – The low gloss, satin option is perfect for anyone who wants a truly authentic looking and feeling wooden pen. Any natural imperfections in the wood are removed through sanding and filling, resulting in a smooth and comfortable grip, while preserving the integrity and aesthetic of minimally treated wood. 

Engraving Options

I’m proud to offer custom laser engraving as an option for every pen in the shop. Engraving costs an addition $5 per item, and may delay shipping by a single day.

Laser engraving involves burning an image or text into the wood body of the pen. This process produces a black engraving. Naturally, a black engraving appears differently on light versus dark colored woods. As a general rule, lighter woods produce more brilliant and contrasting engravings than darker ones. Red, orange, yellow, white and light brown woods all engrave very clearly. Purple, dark brown, and black woods tend not to produce clear engravings, therefore I usually discourage the purchase of engraving for such woods. 

Text Engraving

Available on all pens

Logo Engraving

Please contact me directly at for image/logo engravings