Direct Relief receives 2nd donation

Elder Pens 2nd donation to Direct Relief for Hurricane Harvey
I'm very pleased to announce the 2nd recipient of Hurricane Harvey proceeds: Direct Relief's Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund.
With a 4/4 rating from Charity Navigator, a top-20 national ranking for charitable organizations, and declared the "Number 1 Charity to Change the World" by CNBC, Direct Relief was a no-brainer. Though they are currently involved in several relief efforts, both domestically and internationally, our funds have been guaranteed to be used 100% for Hurricane Harvey relief. The $2,190 donated in this 2nd donation is sure to go a long ways in the hands of such a stellar organization.
More to come soon, but it's about midnight and I'm getting tired! I just wanted to post on the first day of the month to make sure everyone knew where the September-end money went. The next donation is scheduled for the end of October, unless of course we can reach the $2,500 threshold in less than a month.