Hurricane Harvey Relief Pen Terms and Conditions

Terms and Definitions 

100% of the profits from the sale of this item will go towards helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey. “Profits” are the remainder of the total sale price, less the costs of shipping, materials, labor, administrative costs, depreciation, rental fees, transactional fees (such as the commission that takes on each sale) and marketing. As a small business with very low overhead and operating costs, the margin of profit on each pen is expected to be very high. Initial recipients will be registered 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. In accordance with the statutes and policies of the IRS, Elder Pens, LLC is limited in its donation potential to charitable organizations. The upper bound for charitable donations for this type of Limited Liability Company is 50% of reported annual income. Therefore, should the projected profits from this campaign threaten exceed the 50% threshold by a substantial margin, structural changes may be made. Any changes will be posted in advance of accepting future sales of this product.


Beginning with the first donation to a registered 501(c)(3), and continuing through the conclusion of this campaign, all profits will be transferred to Hurricane Harvey relief, and all transfers will be publicly posted on the Elder Pens website (


 Funds raised will be distributed in $2,500.00 increments, or once per month, whichever occurs sooner. Fund recipients will be posted publicly on the Elder Pens webpage, at Recipients and potential recipients will be thoroughly evaluated prior to any award, and nominations of worthy organizations are welcomed to Eligible nominees should have a 501(c)(3) charitable status.


Because of the size of Elder Pens, LLC and the unpredictability of sales volumes associated with this campaign, no fixed duration is guaranteed. The present goal is to run this promotion through the end of 2017, but such may be subject to sudden change. Extreme volume, either low or high, may necessitate a brief or permanent suspension, or changes to this program.  

Product Details and Shipping Policies

The Hurricane Harvey Relief Pen Set may be sold through a variety of physical and online marketplaces, potentially including, but not limited to:,, Unless explicitly stated, all products will ship when available, without a guaranteed shipping date. This simply reflects the current limited production capacity of Elder Pens, LLC. In the absence of a quantity limit, it is possible, however unlikely, that early orders may far exceed the reasonable daily production of this small company. In the event that such occurs, Elder Pens, LLC is committed to making reasonable efforts to expand production capacity to meet demand, however such expansion takes time. Orders may be cancelled prior to shipping if you are unsatisfied with the delay.

Return Policy 

Because the profits from this campaign will be frequently and entirely transferred to Hurricane Harvey relief, the ability to accept returns is limited. If you are for whatever reason dissatisfied with your purchase and you would like to return an unused item, you must initiate that process within three business days of the official delivery date. This policy allows Elder Pens, LLC to make frequent and regular transfers without the need to hold in reserve reimbursement funds that have been earmarked for disaster relief.