Turning pens to meals

Great news, everyone, and pardon the bad title pun...

I'm excited to announce that we made our first initial donation to the Houston Food Bank yesterday!!


The gift of $2,500 will provide 7,500 free meals for those currently in need. Yes, you read that number correctly: seven thousand and five hundred. It's hard for me to believe that our little fundraiser pen could have such an impact, and in such a short period of time. And while the credit for raising this money belongs entirely to all of you who purchased a pen (or four!), the greater hero of our impact is the Houston Food Bank.

It's remarkable to think that each and every dollar donated will provide 3 meals. This is truly a testament to the Food Bank's efficiency and dedication to the vision of "food access for all", and the mission of "leading the fight against hunger". With a 100% overall rating from Charity Navigator and an astounding 96% of funds going towards actual programming, this nonprofit is unquestionably deserving of our first donation. I am grateful to Paula at the Food Bank for her support in quickly facilitating our gift, and I am humbled to be supporting the staff and volunteers who are making such a positive contribution in the Houston area.

Back here in Colorado, I still have a number of orders that need to be fulfilled. To all of you who may have waited - and perhaps are still waiting - for your shipment, I am grateful for your patience. I hope to get caught up with all outstanding orders by the end of this week! And as I inch closer to catching up, I can't help but hope to fall behind again. So please, do what you can to continue to spread the word!

Please check back in every week or two for updates on future donations. The next scheduled donation will occur at the end of September, unless we happen to exceed our $2,500 threshold sooner! 


David  (david@elderpens.com)