New Batch of Hybrid Resin Rollerballs in time for the Holiday Season!

Rollerball pens by Elder Pens

Great news! I had a small break in orders and was able to make this amazing batch of hybrid rollerballs. Each pen is carefully crafted from buckeye burl and box elder burl, that has been stabilized with cactus juice, and then mixed under pressure with dyed alumilite resin. It's a lengthy process, but the result is quite fantastic! 

Box Elder Burl

To match the stunning effect of the hybrid wood, I have paired each pen with genuine rhodium parts for an unbeatable shine that will never dull. Pens are protected in a stunning CA finish, sanded to 12,000 grit and buffed with wax.

Each pen is individually numbered, so you know the pen you order will be the pen you receive!

View the set!