November Pen Swap Submission

Elder Pens
For the IAP's November Pen Swap, the theme was local woods and materials. It doesn't get much more local than this pen!
I used three woods, all from Colorado trees that I've personally cut after snow or wind damage. The lightest wood with the black streaking is cotton wood. Yes, I know, it looks like incredibly rare and expensive spalted tamarind, but that is cotton wood! The brown wood with the striations is willow, the signature wood of Elder Pens due to the local abundance. The final, darker wood, is walnut, harvested from a local tree about six months ago. 
To add a little more local flare to this pen, I inlayed some recycled copper shingle into the celtic knot. This was a very difficult process because cotton wood is VERY soft, and copper is VERY hard. Turning this pen on the lathe was a nightmare, but it turned out great in the end! 
For more of my work with copper celtic knots, check out this pen.