Honduran Rosewood Burl Wood Collector Fountain Pen Set - 12 Individual Fountain Pens and Display

Honduran Rosewood Burl Wood Collector Fountain Pen Set - 12 Individual Fountain Pens and Display

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Please note, this item is now sold! We'll be offering another one-time set in 2019. 

I'm incredibly excited to offer this stunning, one-of-a-kind set of collector fountain pens.

Photos of this beautiful collection of twelve Honduran Rosewood Burl - simply known as "HRB" within the woodworking community - have been featured by both Etsy and the International Association of Penturners. HRB is one of the rarest, most expensive woods currently available to woodworkers, and this set has been crafted from a single, breathtaking slab. Each pen has a rich, dark region called "heart wood", and a lighter, curly region called "sap wood". Typically, these two regions are separated by fissures and cracks as a result of unbalanced drying, and the light sap wood is generally unusable due to its soft texture. This set of pens is so extraordinarily unique because the two woods are married tightly without cracks or fissures, and the light sapwood is as hard and dense as the heart wood. The result is striking: two-tone pens that prominently display the transition in the burl from heart to sap wood. 

Though I originally intended to sell twelve individual writing instruments, it is painstakingly obvious that these fountain pens belong together, as a single set. This may be ideal for a corporate, board, wedding, or family gift, and each fountain pen will come individually packaged for your convenience. Additionally, each pen will include an unopened package of fountain ink cartridge refills, making these incredibly easy to use. You will not find a finer looking, smoother writing, easier to use fountain pen than the twelve siblings presented in this set. 

What's included:

12x HRB Fountain Pens (Valued at $349.99 each)

12x 6-Packs of MonteVerde Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges ($6.99 each)

1x Custom Walnut Display (Valued at $109.99)

12x Custom Elder Pens Gift Boxes

Additional Details:

Model: Limited Collector Series 

Pen Type: Fountain Pen

Ink Color: Black cartridge and well converter included

Wood: Two-Tone, Honduran Rosewood Burl

Fixtures: Rhodium, 22kt Gold, Iridium Nib

Refillable? Yes

Finish: Gloss – The crystal-clear gloss finish holds several distinct advantages over the satin finish. It is much more durable, and will never need refinishing. It provides a clearer, better lens for light-colored woods and layered woods of contrasting colors. For intricate designs with inlay or small pieces, the gloss coating acts as a barrier to prevent small parts from separating. The “smooth” option guarantees an ultra smooth finish, achieved by a two-stage finishing process with cyanoacrylate, sanded to 12,000 grit, then waxed and polished. 

As Elder Pens has grown, so too has our ability to incorporate the finest hardware & components into our writing instruments. We're proud to be the only US distributor of the Dayacom Jr. Emperor 22kt gold and rhodium hardware, which we've used to handcraft this amazing fountain pen.